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At BleiStahl, we pursue the goal of driving innovation through powder metallurgy. Our “out-of-the-box” thinking enables creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable challenges.

Corporate culture and vision
Our values ​​shape our culture as an innovative materials factory. At BleiStahl, we leave standards behind and think unconventionally. We actively shape the future instead of just following it. Transparent and trusting partnerships enable innovations that would normally seem impossible. Our success is based on first-class quality, near-net-shape production, and our enthusiasm for creating new approaches.

Products and core competencies

Find out more about our products and their customized performance characteristics. At BleiStahl, we take on seemingly unsolvable challenges – our expertise, many years of experience, and comprehensive know-how make us your reliable partner.



Foundation of BleiStahl

Convinced by his development of a self-lubricating, powder-metallurgical, highly wear-resistant material for valve seat inserts and the corresponding production process, Dr. Max Köhler went into business for himself in 1954 at the age of 54 and founded BleiStahl. His development made using aluminum cylinder heads in the air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle engine possible.


2nd generation, management Michael Köhler

Michael Köhler takes over the management of the company. BleiStahl expands its customer base to include the entire European automotive industry and develops solutions for lead-free fuels.


Foundation of BleiStahl Brasil Metalurgia S.A.

BleiStahl Brazil follows its customers to South America to supply the emerging automotive industry there, above all Volkswagen. BleiStahl is one of the first suppliers to realize domestic products overseas in of?? the same quality at local costs.


Valve guide

BleiStahl introduces a new product: the powder metallurgically produced valve guide, which offers a number of advantages to meet increased customer requirements. Among other things, pollutant emissions can be reduced.


3rd generation, management Dr. Ekkehard Köhler

BleiStahl becomes active in the international market. This offers considerable opportunities for the company’s growth.


Foundation of BleiStahl Manufacturing South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.

In order to meet customer requirements in South Africa, BleiStahl founded a new production site near Durban in 2003. The main product is brass valve guides for the global market


Foundation of BleiStahl Powder Metallurgy Products (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Lead steel has been supplying the Chinese automotive market for decades. Initially, business with the Chinese-European joint ventures dominated. Today, the market is developing rapidly with local vehicle manufacturers.


Foundation of BleiStahl North America

BleiStahl expands its activities to intensify its customer service. In addition to US car manufacturers and Asian customers, Europeans are increasingly successful in North America and require BleiStahl technology.


Foundation of BleiStahl Powder Metallurgy Parts (Taicang)

China’s strong market growth and the expansion of the company’s own market position made it necessary to expand local production. As this was no longer feasible in Shanghai, the site was closed, and BLEISTAHL Powder Metallurgy Parts (Taicang), Taicang, was founded.


Our approach is characterized by structure, transparency, and partnership. At BleiStahl, we see you not just as a customer, but as a partner. Our primary goal is your satisfaction and long-term success.

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Get to know the people behind BleiStahl. Our dedicated team actively drives positive change and brings extensive expertise to the table.

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Customer Service

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Human Resources


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